Or May Lightning Strike Me! . . . Exnay on the inxjay

I don’t even know if people still say this or not “I am being honest or may lightning strike me down right now!”   Maybe people don’t say it anymore because they wised up!   Lightning strikes ALL the time . . .!  Do you really want to tempt fate by saying something so silly?!

So what about lightning . . .?  Lightning can be a peril for many types of policies, home insurance (obviously), landlord’s, renter’s, car insurance, boat insurance, business owner’s insurance, health insurance, accident insurance, and life insurance.   Good old wanna be popular lightning.

Maybe you don’t worry about lightning but before you even let that thought simmer in your brain stew for a minute, let me tell you what I’ve seen lightning do.

A lightning bolt strikes behind a few houses.

A lightning bolt strikes behind a few houses.

It goes without saying that I have seen lightning pick and choose between appliances and electronics in many a household.   My sister had lightning hit her house so hard that the nails were popped out of the drywall.   Had she been home she might not have survived such a strike.   I have seen men, women, children, be hit not directly but indirectly and never be same.   Perhaps they were on a baseball field, in a swimming pool, muddin’ with their friends, in a storage shed, golfing, walking their dog, fishing, and many many more.

Mud Bath
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One of the worst lightning storms my family ever experienced when I was growing up in Oklahoma didn’t even have any rain involved.  Just thunder and tremendous amounts of lightning.   It was during a very bad drought and almost nightly we had electrical storms that took someone’s tv out at the very least.

To this day, I still have a habit of unplugging things from the outlets.  1)  It saves on electricity and 2) It can’t get zapped by lightning.   Surge protectors may be a help but not enough to say they completely prevent the possibility of appliances getting fried.

If you have a lightning claim check every single item you own in the house before you start listing damaged items.   At times, you may not know that a device has been damaged.   It may only show from using the item’s maximum capacity that it is now dysfunctional and that it did suffer an electrical injury of sorts.

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I have attached a link for you about lightning safety should you like to read something more officially bossy and in case you don’t have the good sense to stay out – stay safe from lightning storms.



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